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48 Bales of Large Round Bahia

San Augustine, Texas | $45.00/Bale

'17 Second cut. Fertilized Bahia/Bermuda mix. 4x5 wrapped roll in barn. We load.

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500 Bales of Large Round Grass Legume

Blue rock, Ohio | $45.00/Bale

Mixed hay, good all livestock, net wrapped

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400 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Idalia, Colorado | $220.00/Ton

Organic 4 cutting RFV 175 protein 19 3x4x8 square bales

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750 Bales of Large Round Other

Arapahoe, Colorado | $65.00/Ton

Weed hay, kochia with some volunteer milo. Large rounds.

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97 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Fort Wayne, Indiana | $180.00/Ton

Large square individually wrapped in 3x3x5 bales. Will convert the wet hay into a dry matter for the $/ton. Hay sample available.

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500 Bales of Large Round CRP

Garden City, Kansas | $40.00/Ton

CRP Net wrapped, round bales

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1000 Bales of Small Square Bermuda

Summit, Mississippi | $6.75/Bale

Very clean horse hay. Small bales. Well- fertilized, no trash. Horse fed. Less than 14% moisture.

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1000 Bales of Small Square Coastal Bermuda

San Antonio, Texas | $8.00/Bale

Top Quality Fertilized Coastal Hay, Good clean horse hay, Fertilized 8 weeks ago, Baled 11.20.17, this hay has been put in the barn , Going to cut 11.24.17 on 42 acres of clean no trash Fertilized coastal by same owner. have 500 in barn and looking to cut and bale another 1500 to 200 squares all top quality

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1500 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

foley, Minnesota | $35.00/Bale

4'x5' 1000 lb round bales of mixed grass hay. 1st and 2nd crop, from 2015-2017. You load, you haul.

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1700 Bales of Small Square Straw Wheat

Fostoria, Ohio | $3.00/Bale

Conventional combined, clean and dry weed free small square bales of wheat straw. Can deliver all over Ohio

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100 Bales of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

Cisco, Texas | $45.00/Bale

Coastal hay 5x4 round bales weighing 925 lbs. In the barn.

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600 Bales of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

Kerens, Texas | $30.00/Bale

Extremely clean hay, blister beetle, weed and debri free.

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