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Bermuda Grass Hay

Ellis County, Texas | $9.00/Bale

Sold by First Class Hay #1++horse quality, fertilized after every cut. 42" long, 65-70 lbs. Comes in bundles...

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Clover/Grass Mix Hay

Chillicothe, Missouri | $38.50/Bale

High-quality clover/mixed grass hay. Baled with new JD 569 Mega-width baler with cover edge net wrap.

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325 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Arlington, Washington | $75.00/Bale

WSDA Certified Organic Mixed Grass Hay, Large Round Bale (Plastic wrapped), 5' x 4' Size. Bales will be avai...

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4000 Bales of Small Square Orchard

Belvidere, New Jersey | $5.00/Bale

Excellent Quality Horse Hay for Sale. Orchard Grass or Mixed Grass, your choice. First Cutting - $4.50 per ba...

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200 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Mixed Grass

Hobart, Indiana | $7.50/Bale

2nd Cutting Alfalfa / Grass Hay. Great for horses, livestock! Available for pickup while supply lasts. Will...

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600 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa

Zachary, Louisiana | $17.00/Bale

Premium horse quality alfalfa. Arizona grown. 2 string bales average 65lbs. Sold individual or by the bundle. ...

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60 Bales of Other Mixed Grass

LaFollette, Tennessee | $35.00/Bale

Mixed grass, 4' round rolls cut last fall and put under lean too in the dry. I have 60 bales available. Take...

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54 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa Grass

Sturgis, Michigan | $110.00/Bale

3rd cut 3x3 Alfalfa/Grass mix put up dry and covered. $110/bale delivered for minimum order of 54 bales. Del...

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57 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa Grass

Somerset, Pennsylvania | $135.00/Bale

Leafy Alfalfa 3x3- lab test available. $135/bale for a delivered semi load. Delivery ONLY.

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2000 Tons of Large Round Oat

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin | $175.00/Ton

Selling state certified weed free straw. Have small square bundles (21 small squares bundled into a 3x4x8 big ...

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50 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa Timothy

Newton, Iowa | $75.00/Bale

Timothy alfalfa 62 to 66 inch bales

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350 Bales of Large Round Corn Stalks

MAPLETON, Iowa | $35.00/Bale


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