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48 Bales of Large Round Bahia

San Augustine, Texas | $45.00/Bale

'17 Second cut. Fertilized Bahia/Bermuda mix. 4x5 wrapped roll in barn. We load.

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500 Bales of Large Round Grass Legume

Blue rock, Ohio | $45.00/Bale

Mixed hay, good all livestock, net wrapped

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400 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Idalia, Colorado | $220.00/Ton

Organic 4 cutting RFV 175 protein 19 3x4x8 square bales

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750 Bales of Large Round Other

Arapahoe, Colorado | $65.00/Ton

Weed hay, kochia with some volunteer milo. Large rounds.

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97 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Fort Wayne, Indiana | $180.00/Ton

Large square individually wrapped in 3x3x5 bales. Will convert the wet hay into a dry matter for the $/ton. Hay sample available.

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1000 Bales of Small Square Bermuda

Summit, Mississippi | $6.75/Bale

Very clean horse hay. Small bales. Well- fertilized, no trash. Horse fed. Less than 14% moisture.

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1500 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

foley, Minnesota | $35.00/Bale

4'x5' 1000 lb round bales of mixed grass hay. 1st and 2nd crop, from 2015-2017. You load, you haul.

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1700 Bales of Small Square Straw Wheat

Fostoria, Ohio | $3.00/Bale

Conventional combined, clean and dry weed free small square bales of wheat straw. Can deliver all over Ohio

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100 Bales of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

Cisco, Texas | $45.00/Bale

Coastal hay 5x4 round bales weighing 925 lbs. In the barn.

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600 Bales of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

Kerens, Texas | $30.00/Bale

Extremely clean hay, blister beetle, weed and debri free.

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25000 Bales of Large Round Timothy Mix

South Hero, Vermont | $50.00/Bale


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3000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Mixed Grass

Waterloo, Iowa | $5.00/Bale

2016-Alfalfa/blue/ brome mix. Stored in dry covered shed.

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