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100 Bales of Large Round Grass

Mt. Vernon, Illinois | $50.00/Bale

Net wrapped baled dry. 4 feet wide by 5.5

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200 Bales of Large Round Oat

Faxon, Oklahoma | $50.00/Bale

Oat/wheat hay mixed that was fertilized

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100 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa

Felton, Minnesota | $50.00/Bale

5x6 Round Alfalfa Hay. All alfalfa from 2018 crop. All net wrapped. 1200 lb bales

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180 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Ten Sleep, Wyoming | $170.00/Ton

Premium Quality, no rain, stored in a hay shed, bailed on average 15% moisture with granular hay preservative ...

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3000 Bales of Small Square Grass

Thorntown, Indiana | $7.25/Bale

Horse quality and cattle hay

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300 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Candor, New York | $35.00/Bale

Good quality mixed grass. Timothy,birdsfoot,Broome grass .5x4 round bales. Excellent horse hay and dairy anima...

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27 Bales of Large Round Timothy Mix

Richland Center, Wisconsin | $70.00/Bale

Low moisture hay Timothy clover mix no rain

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594 Bales of Large Round Coastal

Lipan, Texas | $60.00/Bale

Coastal round bales for sale. Weed sprayed and fertilized, first cutting. Located just 5 miles south of I-...

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200 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa

Baileyville, Kansas | $6.00/Bale

Horse quality alfalfa. Small squares baled with John Deere twine tie baler. Around 45 lbs. each. Approximat...

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80 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa Mixed Grass

Salina, Kansas | $50.00/Ton

First cutting alfalfa grass mix

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200 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa

El Dorado, Kansas | $8.00/Bale

2019 2nd Cut Small Square Wired Tied Alfalfa. Clean Hay put up dry

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500 Bales of Small Square Prairie

Goddard, Kansas | $7.00/Bale

Horse quality small prairie hay and native grass.

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