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1000 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Terry, Montana | $135.00/Ton

2nd cutting pivot irrigated alfalfa

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33 Bales of Large Round Coastal Bermuda

Fairfield, Texas | $55.00/Bale

Fertilized Coastal Bermuda

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25 Bales of Large Round Straw Wheat

Eudora, Kansas | $20.00/Bale

Clean wheat straw. No rain. Net Wrapped.

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3000 Bales of Small Square Brome

Abilene, Kansas | $9.00/Bale

Horse quality small brome bales, approximately 3,000 available. Tested at 10%+ protein. 60-70 lb bales. Barn s...

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500 Bales of Large Round Bahia

Clevland, Texas | -$4,560.00/Bale

I have fertilized Bahia hay both 4x5 and 4x6 rolls I also have some 4x6 cow hay that has not been fertilized

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200 Bales of Large Round Wheat

Randlett, Oklahoma | $50.00/Bale

Net wrapped, some rye grass mixed with wheat, tight bales.

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600 Bales of Small Square Grass

Wood Lake, Minnesota | $6.00/Bale

Nice green hay, no rain and stored inside

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1000 Bales of Small Square Grass

Hartford, Kentucky | $5.00/Bale

Second cut orchard grass and fescue... should be excellent for horses

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40 Bales of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

HENRIETTA, Texas | $65.00/Bale

Second cutting and fertilized. Horse quality hay. This field produced and won the best grass hay in Clay Count...

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120 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Bland, Missouri | $40.00/Bale

Mixed grass Round bales 4x5 1/2 Covered Will help load

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50 Bales of Large Round Rye Grass

Ragley, Louisiana | $85.00/Bale

High quality tie grass round bales of hay. Seeded.

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30 Bales of Large Round Fescue

Florence, Alabama | $30.00/Bale

Net wrapped 4X5rolls of hay. Was fertilized this spring. Fescue with alot of clover. Baled yesterday (Friday 8...

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