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150 Tons of Large Round Alfalfa

Wellington, Kansas | $140.00/Ton

Good alfalfa large rounds. Net wrap RFV 168 can deliver for $4.00 A mile extra

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200 Bales of Large Round Meadow

Suttons bay, Michigan | $30.00/Bale

Mixture of native grasses ,pasture mix hay and meadow hay. Low moisture. Some bales are horse quality most are...

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500 Bales of Small Square Grass

Loudon, Tennessee | $6.00/Bale

Horse quality hay, mixed grass of fescue, orchard grass, and bluestem. Very minimal weeds, was sprayed with 2-...

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1000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard

Marthasville, Missouri | $5.00/Bale

Alfalfa/Orchard grass mix square bales. 50-60 lb bales. Excellent quality horse hay. $5.00 per bale.

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150 Pounds of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

Mission, Texas | $65.00/Bale

Clean fertilized hay available for 65$ each, non fertilized hay also available for 50 each. Great for all life...

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50 Bales of Large Round Coastal Bermuda

Columbus, Texas | $60.00/Bale

Horse quality coastal round bales 4x5 round bales weed free. Sprayed with patriot. Fertilized 2nd cut

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1000 Bales of Large Round Bermuda Coastal

Camilla, Georgia | $38.00/Bale

Cow hay with 15 processing knives

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300 Bales of Large Round Grass

Brownsville, Oregon | $60.00/Bale

Round 4x5.5 bales. Organic not sprayed or fertilized.

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3500 Bales of Small Square Grass

Delaware, Ohio | $6.00/Bale

Certified Organic bales of horse quality Hay available, NO pesticides or herbicides! Also good for cows, goats...

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2500 Bales of Small Square Timothy

WINGATE, Indiana | $7.00/Bale

Pure Timothy hay

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100 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Yates Center, Kansas | $125.00/Ton

First cutting alfalfa sprayed clean hay

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500 Bales of Small Square Mixed Grass

Caldwell, Ohio | $4.00/Bale

Mostly grass orchard/Timothy some clover

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