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1500 Tons of Large Square Alfalfa Grass

sheridanHay, Wyoming | $165.00/Ton

Hay quality is excellent clean ,

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1200 Bales of Small Square Timothy Mix

Gunnison, Colorado | $5.00/Bale

Mountain timothy grass mix no rain tarped

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40 Bales of Large Round Meadow

JAMESTOWN, New York | $40.00/Bale

field hay , mixed grasses

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20000 Bales of Small Square Orchard

Junction city, Ohio | $4.00/Bale

Orchard grass/mixed hay

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180 Tons of Large Round Alfalfa Grass

Anthony, Kansas | $60.00/Ton

Alfalfa grass - not perfectly clean alfalfa. Average approximate weight of bales is 1500 lbs.

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400 Bales of Large Round Oat Greenfeed

Scranton, Pennsylvania | $20.00/Bale

Low moisture content. Great beef cattle hay.

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2000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard

Horse Cave, Kentucky | $5.00/Bale

Horse quality blister beetle free low moisture

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250 Bales of Large Round Fescue

Chattanooga, Tennessee | $50.00/Bale

Low moisture content. Great for cattle. Round bales.

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200 Bales of Large Round Bermuda

Commerce, Georgia | $28.00/Bale

Horse quality Bermuda Mix. Round bale

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150 Tons of Large Square Alfalfa

Abilene, Kansas | $150.00/Ton

Dairy quality

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581 Bales of Large Square Grass

Monte Vista, Colorado | $115.00/Bale

Colorado Grass Hay

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1000 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Brasher Falls, New York | $35.00/Bale

Good dry 4x5 hardcore round bales of Timothy / Orchard grass mix hay. Some clover throughout. Late 1st cut with 2nd growth into it being made right now, 9-11-17. All hay has been cut with JD mower conditioner with flails, tedded, raked and baled without being rained on. $35 ea plus actual trucking costs being delivered by loads of 34 or 38 depending on the truck / trailer you request or available. Horse quality 4x5 rounds stored under cover, $45 ea. picked up or delivered for additional trucking costs.

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