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1500 Bales of Other Mixed Grass

Whiteville, Tennessee | $25.00/Bale

Cattle hay, horse hay, and etc.

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350 Bales of Large Round Timothy Mix

Kalispell, Montana | $55.00/Bale

300 tons of round bales. Grass hay consisting of canary grass and Timothy. Round bales are 48”x66” netwr...

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200 Bales of Large Round Sudan Grass

Wilson, Kansas | $100.00/Ton

BMR, 7% protein, 40% TDN. Nitrate and prussic acid are both low and safe. Windrows were never rained on. Cut a...

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300 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Ruffin, North Carolina | $35.00/Bale

Mixed grass, first cutting, 4X5 net wrapped, in shed--never rained on

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15 Tons of Large Square Brome

Douglass, Kansas | $120.00/Bale

Horse quality.

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25000 Bales of Small Square Mixed Grass

Brownington 108 dutton brook ln 05860, Vermont | $3.50/Bale

good horse hay, I can sell a load with 650 to 700 for $ 2250.00

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25000 Pounds of Small Square Mixed Grass

Brownington 108 dutton brook ln 05860, Vermont | $3.50/Bale

horse hay. I can load a box truck with 650 to 700 bails for $ 2250.00 in one day for a quick turn around....

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50 Bales of Large Round Grass

Lamar, Missouri | $80.00/Bale

Grass hay. 4x5 net wrapped. Ground has been mowed for hay every year so no brush and very few weeds.

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42 Tons of Small Square Triticale

Bend, Oregon | $75.00/Ton

Nice clean green triticale hay. 75-90 lbs bales 45 tons available You load and haul

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135 Tons of Large Round Alfalfa Mixed Grass

Ryegate, Montana | $120.00/Ton

Alfalfa grass mix Barley hay Alfalfa

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60 Bales of Large Square Grass

Pocahontas, Illinois | $100.00/Bale

Big Square Bales. 3x3x8. Fescue/Warm season grass mixture. Cut Sept 11, 2018.

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100 Bales of Large Round Sudan

Wallace, Kansas | $85.00/Ton

Canex BMR 600 Good leafy, low nitrate, fine stemmed hay.

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