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190 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Greeneville, Tennessee | $25.00/Bale

Mixed grass hay, 4 x 5 balls stored in a barn, no rain on hay.

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1700 Bales of Bulk Coastal Bermuda

Baileyton, Alabama | $35.00/Bale

Bermuda mix stored under roof sprayed fertilized never rained on

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100 Bales of Large Round Prairie

Burden, Kansas | $55.00/Bale

1300# average String tied Prairie hay

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500 Tons of Large Square Alfalfa Orchard

Whitney, Nebraska | $220.00/Ton

Alfalfa/Orchard grass mix hay. 500 tons available. 3x4x8 bales. 1st- 3rd cuttings.

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1000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa Orchard

Nucla, Colorado | $8.00/Bale

Good to premium alfalfa/orchard grass mix. Uncovered 2nd cutting. Fertilized before 1st cutting, no fertilizat...

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250 Bales of 3 String Square Grass

Brookshire, Texas | $4.50/Bale

Mix of coastal, Dallas and Johnson Grass

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2000 Bales of 3 String Square Alfalfa

Gilbert, Arizona | $13.00/Bale

Quality Alfalfa, Bermuda and Alfalfa-Mix hay. Large bales at cash no checks please.

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700 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa Mixed Grass

yorkville, Illinois | $125.00/Bale

High quality, clean mixes of Alfalfa, timothy orchard grasses. I have from 60% to 80%+ Alfalfa. All baled righ...

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900 Bales of Large Square Alfalfa

Hillsboro, North Dakota | $145.00/Bale

3x4 Alfalfa bales for sale.

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50000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa

Lewisburg, Tenessee, Florida | $18.00/Bale

WESTERN STATES/HIGH PLAINS ALFALFA: SMALL, 60# BALES IN 21 BALE BUNDLES of Premium/Supreme, performance hor...

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500 Bales of Small Square Grass

Hastings, Nebraska | $6.50/Bale

Excellent Prairie hay! Stored inside and baled with no rain. Great horse quality hay.

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120 Bales of Large Round Corn Stalks

Hudson, Iowa | $35.00/Bale

5.5 ft tall by 5 ft wide high quality round corn stalk bales. These were made in the best conditions we’ve h...

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