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2500 Bales of Small Square Bermuda Coastal

Barnesville, Georgia | $7.50/Bale

Bermuda horse quality hay. 40-50 lbs. Minimum 10 bales Well fertilized and sprayed for weeds. Kept in barn sin...

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55 Bales of Large Round Bluestem

Medford, Oklahoma | $60.00/Bale

Bermuda round bails, 5x6, 1350 lbs, net wrapped. July cutting 2018 $60/per bale Medford, OK 580-763-7815

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2600 Bales of Small Square Timothy Mix

Poland, New York | $5.50/Bale

Premium Quality Hay, delivered from New York State. Horse Quality. Timothy/Orchard Mix. Green and lush. Small ...

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300 Bales of Large Round Corn Stalks

Paris, Kentucky | $30.00/Bale

Cornstalk rolls. 4x5 John Deere, plenty of net wrap. Stalks rolled dry, excellent source of bedding.

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1000 Bales of Small Square Timothy Mix

Poland, New York | $5.50/Bale

Great quality horse hay, weed free, green and lush!

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64 Bales of Large Round Coastal Bermuda

Kaufman, Texas | $100.00/Bale

Coastal hay for sale in Kaufman. Will deliver for free up to 25 miles. No weeds and 30% protein horse quality ...

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110 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa

Park, Kansas | $160.00/Ton

2018 crop of net wrapped alfalfa - Protein level - 20

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420 Tons of Large Round Alfalfa Orchard

Crawford, Nebraska | $125.00/Ton

Horse Quality Alfalfa/Orchard Grass mix 18.6 Crude Protein

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55 Bales of Large Round Oat

Lindsborg, Kansas | $75.00/Ton

Net wrapped, high nitrate grinding hay

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1000 Bales of Large Round Sudan Grass

Pretty Prairie, Kansas | $75.00/Ton

7.83 % crude protein, dry basis. low nitrate rained on once before getting baled

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700 Tons of Large Round Hay Grazer

Pritchett, Colorado | $115.00/Ton

Sweet, small stalk, really leafy bmr, no nitrate feed. 8% protein RFV 86 Call 7193531918 for more info thank y...

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165 Tons of Large Round Triticale

Pompeys Pillar, Montana | $100.00/Ton

Quality triticale round bales. Net wrapped

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