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3000 Bales of Small Square Timothy Mix

Bemidji, Minnesota | $4.25/Bale

The hay consists of Timothy/Fescue/Alfalfa/brom. The bales average 62 pounds, nice green color, no dust, no rain, bales are dry and stacked in a barn. This is a great horse mix. Please call/text my cell for more information 317-954-2681.

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140 Bales of Large Round Grass

Marmaduke, Arkansas | $25.00/Bale

Mixed grass first cutting

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4000 Bales of Small Square Mixed Grass

Jefferson, Ohio | $4.00/Bale

Rock creek

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1000 Tons of Large Round Alfalfa Mixed Grass

Vermontville, Michigan | $130.00/Ton

Very clean dry hay and straw. Great for feed grade for rations. Hay is a 60/40 mix 60% alflalfa and 40% Timothy grass. They are all round bales net wrapped stored inside

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300 Tons of Small Square Alfalfa

Spangle, Washington | $190.00/Ton

1st cutting dryland alfalfa. Small bales in 21 bale bundles. Nice hay

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3000 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa

Fremont, Ohio | $4.50/Bale

straight alfalfa 1st cut made right high in protein good hay

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100 Bales of Large Round Orchard

thurmont, Maryland | $55.00/Bale

4x4 Round bales of premium pure orchard grass silage bales. Each bales weighs around 500lb.

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600 Bales of Large Round Orchard

Bedford, Virginia | $42.00/Bale

4x5 Net Wrapped bales. You would be hard pressed to find any weeds. Barn kept imeditly after baling. Orchard grass, fescue, and Timothy. Can deliver anywhere.

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800 Bales of Small Square Alfalfa

Salina, Kansas | $8.00/Bale

Great quality alfalfa small squares

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140 Bales of Large Round Mixed Grass

Cumberland, Maryland | $35.00/Bale

Excellent quality 4x4 net wrap round bales of mixed grass (orchard grass, clover, timothy) dry hay with very few weeds. Hay was made without getting rained on and was immediately stored inside as soon as it was made. This is horse quality dry hay. Price is $35 per bale obo, but could possibly be sold by the ton as there is a set of scales within five minutes of our location. Currently we are unable to ship the hay, so the buyer would have to pick it up.

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7000 Bales of Small Square Coastal Bermuda

Franklin, Texas | $5.50/Bale

Coastal square bales, horse quality, wire tie.

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1000 Bales of Large Round Bahia

Centerville, Texas | $40.00/Bale

Sticker and Beetle free, low moisture content. good coastal, native grass, Bahia mix. 4x5 Net wrap Square bales available upon request

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