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545 Bales of Large Square Rye Grass

Del Norte, Colorado | $90.00/Bale

Horse quality grass hay in 3X3 bales. This 3rd cutting Green Spirit Italian rye-grass blend was baled dry wit...

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73 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa

Audubon, Iowa | $150.00/Bale

Alfalfa Round bales. Wrapped in plastic over top of net wrap, stored outside, and 25% moisture. RFV is 135 for...

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5 Bales of Large Round Bahia

Huntsville, Texas | $65.00/Bale

Fertilized Bahia, cattle quality, string wrapped and harvested in October 2019. I have five (5) rolls left a...

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614 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa Grass

GORDON, Nebraska | $170.00/Ton

Good grass alfalfa mix hay put up right never rained on twine tied

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1000 Bales of Small Square Bermuda Tifton

Tyler, Texas | $7.00/Bale

Quality small squares of Tifton and also small squares of Coastal Bermuda. Barn stored

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160 Tons of Large Round Brome

Admire, Kansas | $70.00/Ton

Brome Hay - Fertilized brome hay. Bales will average at or above 1600 lbs. Twine tied. Put up the middle ...

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150 Tons of 3 String Square Alfalfa

Doyle, California | $165.00/Ton

Good alfalfa hay. Some weeds and minor rain damage. Low quality horse hay high quality stock hay. 3 string...

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5000 Bales of Small Square Bermuda

Sayre, Oklahoma | $8.00/Bale

Excellent horse quality Midland 99 Bermuda in 21 bale bundles for sale. Bales weigh 60 lbs. This hay is heavil...

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146 Bales of Large Round Millet

Winner, South Dakota | $80.00/Ton

146 bales of millet with corn mixed makes a good cattle feed. Tested good grinding hay and chemical free. Bal...

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177 Bales of Large Round Coastal Bermuda

Douglass, Texas | $70.00/Bale

Low moisture hay, fertilized 300#/ac prior to this the second cutting in 2019 season.

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38 Bales of Large Round Coastal Mixed

Aubrey, Texas | $60.00/Bale

Cow hay

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800 Bales of Large Round Teff

Burrton, Kansas | $115.00/Ton

Teff Hay horse quality 11-13 protien

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