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  • Orchard/Timothy Grass Hay

    Delta, Ohio

    Hay for sale: Quality grass mix for sale: 35% Tall Fescue. 25% Timothy 20% Orchard Grass 20% Rye. Baled June 1-4, 2023 Price: Price + delivery: Newly planted field Fall 2022, last time herbicides used was spring of 2022. Plans to transition to organic in the future. RFV is approximate. 100 is average. This is above average hay, harvested before the seed heads fully formed. We are waiting for lab results to return to provide the accurate RFV

  • Timothy Grass Hay

    Mount Vernon, Ohio

  • Alfalfa/Grass Mix Hay

    Woodstock, Ohio

    Quality small square bales of Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard grass mix. Have first and third cuttings available. Starting at $4 per bale for first cutting, $5 per bale third cutting.