Hay Auctions in Kansas

Franklin County Auctions

Hay For Sale in Kansas

  • Brome Grass Hay

    Alma, Kansas

    Large round brome and native bales. 1000 bales available. Price upon request

  • Bluestem Grass Hay

    Fredonia, Kansas

    $130/ton. Getting ready to lay down some prairie hay. Will be put in 3x4x8 squares 1250lbs and 5x5.5 rounds 1400lbs net wrapped. Meadows were sprayed in the spring to eliminate weeds. Test results from last year are in the pictures, will post current one once we have it put up and tested. Very clean and will be put up right. Delivery is available if needed. Call to reserve yours today! Keith Compton 620-433-0346

  • Oat Hay

    Pomona, Kansas

    4x6 bales Put up dry in dough stage Can load