Farmers Committed to Safer Sales During Upcoming Months of Pandemic

As we enter the one-year mark of the COVID-19 virus, many businesses and industries have started to review how the pandemic has impacted them this past year and the best ways to push through the upcoming months’ trials. Across the country, hay farmers have felt firsthand the effects of social distancing orders, pasture conditions, and […]

Farmers can Find Hay for Sale this Winter and Clear Hurdles Created by 2020 Hardships

The economic hardships of 2020 can seem never-ending. Few industries will emerge unscathed and unfortunately, farming and agriculture weren’t among them. The coronavirus pandemic alone did not impact growing, but it did put a dent in supply and demand. Weather conditions across the U.S. – including Texas, which we’ll explore further below – hasn’t always […]

The HAULS Act Proposes Steps for Assisting Haulers

It is no question that the COVID-19 health crisis has had a profound impact on multiple crucial industries Agriculture and livestock are no exception to this reality, and the sector continues to contend with challenges the virus presents to meet their goals and demands. Some of the measures put in place for our protection, in […]

Health Pandemic Hurts Sales of Hay Bales. Here’s how is Helping Farmers

No corner of the economy has been spared. The coronavirus has brought so many industries to a halt that the path forward appears almost impossible to find. Farmers are also finding themselves hard-hit and the U.S. government is doing what it can to help them out of a financial bind. Of course, farmers are a […]

Forecast for ‘Abnormally Dry’ Summer Spurs U.S. Farmers to Buy Hay Bales Online

The stretch of summer months can be a double-edged sword for farmers. Those selling produce will be able to reap the bounty provided by their land, with corn and watermelon being perennial favorites. Others who grow forage that helps farms feed livestock during the winter need the occasional rain storms to water their fields. Thus, […]

Choosing a Lender for your Hay Operation

Five things to consider when selecting financing for your hay operation. This is a guest post by our sponsors at Texas Farm Credit. As your operation grows, it may be time to partner with a financial institution to establish a line of credit for your agricultural operation. With thousands of lenders at your disposal, you […]

Buying Hay Online During A Drought

In the western United States, we are all too familiar with drought. What we love the most about this area is the tempered, low to no humidity climate that we live with. It can be very comfortable. But that same climate can easily fall into the zero-moisture zone. With only .5 an inch of rain […]