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  • Alfalfa Hay

    Willard, North Carolina

    Premium Arizona Alfalfa of equine quality and little-to-no stems present. Each flake averages around 7lbs and each bale has been 75-85lbs on our two string bales. Analysis proven 23% protein and NOTHING but fresh leaf in each flake. We have raving reviews regarding the hay, and photo proof of equine improvements made while being on this hay. Buy by the bale, or by 21 bale bundle and get the 21st free. This comes to $.29/lb of the nicest alfalfa we have seen in the state.

  • Orchard/Timothy Grass Hay

    Willard, North Carolina

    Soft, premium, equine square bales in 21 bale baron bundles. Also have 800lbs block bales available. Analysis available with 13.6% protein with great reviews for older horses as well as younger, no waste.

  • Mixed Grass Hay

    Asheville, North Carolina

    We have 300 small square bales for sale $7.00 a bale.good dry barn stored 2nd and 3rd cut.Delivery Available $2.00 a loaded mile no minimum . Please give us a call 703 622 7526 . Located in Asheville.