Sharp Brothers Seed Company

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ADDRESS: 1005 Sycamore St, Healy, KS 67850
PHONE: 620-398-2231

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  • Grass Hay

    Montezuma, Kansas

  • Alfalfa Hay

    Cheney, Kansas

    Last Cutting of Hay 2023. Bales are averaging just shy of 2000 lbs. Baled up dry (no rainfall on the windrows). Bales have been probed with the test results attached. Selling for $1 Per RFV ($174 a ton). Located in Cheney, KS. 60 Bales available. Another 400 bales available at a lower RFV value. Will price the rest respectively. Bales are 5X6.

  • Alfalfa Hay

    Phillipsburg, Kansas

    Good quality hay