Houff Corporation

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ADDRESS: 97 Railside Dr, Weyers Cave, VA 24486
PHONE: 540-234-9246
EMAIL: david.patton@houffcorp.com

Explore More Local Hay for Sale...

  • Orchard and broomstraw Hay

    Pamplin, Virginia

    50 baes left good if you are looking to get some use out of it for cattle and pasture rejuvenation. You haul!

  • Fescue Grass Hay

    Oakpark, Virginia

    Good barn kept hay first cutting fescue baled in the summer 2023. They are 4x5.5 bales wrapped with net wrap. Call Peyton at 540-729-7007

  • Orchard Grass Hay

    Roanoke, Virginia

    Good Horse Hay we feed to our own horses no weeds and not too stemmy