Burke Livestock Auction

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ADDRESS: Burke Livestock Auction,Burke, SD 57523
PHONE: (605) 775-2628
EMAIL: burkelivestockauc@goldenwest.net

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  • Grinding hay Hay

    Ipswich, South Dakota

    Grinding hey. Put up dry

  • Alfalfa Hay

    Bowdle, South Dakota

  • Alfalfa/Grass Mix Hay

    Raymond, South Dakota

    Hay for sale. Alfalfa and alfalfa/orchard grass mix. The mix hay is roughly 60% alfalfa/40% orchard grass. Located near Raymond South Dakota. Netwrapped round bales lined in rows. Weighing 1500-1700lbs bale size 64x70. Nice quality hay for any animal. I am the producer of the hay. It is located on my farm with easy access to any sized truck and trailer. Large pay loader and scale on site for fast and easy loading. Hay must be paid for at time of pickup with good honest check or cash. I will only hold hay for someone if it is paid for. I have trucking contacts available but I do not control the rates or availability of the trucking. No load too small or large, I will load and sell one bale if that’s all you need. Current inventory listed below. Call/text/email 605-233-1003. Located near Raymond South Dakota. Thank you for viewing.

    50 2nd cutting alfalfa/orchard grass $160 per ton

    50 3rd cutting alfalfa/orchard grass $160 per ton

    42 3rd cutting alfalfa/orchard grass $170 per ton

    104 4th cutting alfalfa/orchard $180 per ton

    144 3rd cutting alfalfa had inch of rain on it, baled up dry $125 per ton

    94 4th cutting alfalfa $180 per ton