Hay For Sale in Wisconsin

539 Bales of Large Round Alfalfa Timothy

90.00 / Bale • Not Fertilized • Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

539 bales excellent quality hay For sale! No rain! Zip code 54235,WI. 539 big round hay bales 2019 from own farm!( 1st +2nd crop)2019, No rain! 1st Crop:412 bales 4x5 net wrapped alfalfa timothy hay round bales. About 950# each, 95$/each, trucking not included. 2nd Crop:127 bales 4x5 net wrapped/poly wrapped alfalfa baleage haylage baled at 55-60 percent,no rain,excellent quality,90%+ alfalfa each bale) price 105$/each,trucking not included! If the buyer is willing to buy all the 539 bales together,price 90$/bale,trucking not included! Serious buyer please contact Thanks!

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