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  • Orchard/Timothy Grass Hay

    Livonia, New York

    We have 1st and 2nd cutting timothy orchardgrass mix hay available in big bales and in small square bales. Hay has been fertilized, baled dry and stored inside. High quality horse hay that we have been shipping all over the East Coast and selling locally. Picked up another few hundred acres this year so we are expanding our hay market. We have hay analysis on all the hay and can provide with details. 1st cutting: $240/ton or $6/bale 2nd cutting: $280/ton or $7/bale Prices will increase after October 1st.

  • Timothy Grass Hay

    Arcade, New York

  • Mixed Grass Hay

    Greenwich, New York

    1st and 2nd cutting orchard grass, timothy with some clover 40-45 lb bales for sale. Very nice hay. 1st cutting cut late May. Just baled 2nd cutting. $6 each at the barn. 10 bale minimum.