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  • Wheat Straw

    Hardin, Montana

  • Alfalfa/Grass Mix Hay

    Townsend, Montana

    High Quality 1st grass/alfalfa mix. 50% grass, 50% alfalfa. 3x3x8 squares. 1st Cutting: 130.96 RVF, 17.83% Protein $120/ton

  • Alfalfa Hay

    Fairview, Montana

    High Quality 2nd Cutting Irrigated Alfalfa/Timothy Grass for 2023 crop year. Can email Dairyland Labs analysis if needed. Big round bales approximately 1,500 lb bales with 3 wraps of net, Moisture content 17.27 , Protein Value 18.37 and RFV 117.07 Have over 200 available now