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Explore More Local Hay for Sale...

  • Mixed Grass Hay

    LaTour, Missouri

    Hay quality is fair to good. Hay is net wrapped and it would be beneficial for cattle.

  • Brome Grass Hay

    Winston, Missouri

    First cut Brome large round bales. Fertilized and weed free.

  • Alfalfa Hay

    Marshall, Missouri

    I’ve got 15 acres of roundup ready alfalfa planted this fall. Stand was surprisingly good, even with the drought. Limed, P&K, will spray for bugs and weeds come spring and add more fert.. 50-60 lb wire tie bales. $10/per if you pick up in the field. $11/per if I have to stack and store. Delivery is negotiable with loads of 200 bales per delivery on my flatbed. RFV is not known at this time. Looking for a buyer to contract with for all of it, minus a hundred or so bales we keep for our horses.