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Buying products online is more the norm today than it ever has been before, especially when you live out in the sticks like most of us. We buy everything from electronics to toothpaste and never think twice when doing business with a reputable site. The reviews and product guarantees are all we need to feel comfortable with our purchase. But what about items like feed products do you buy hay online? Do you feel safe putting your money on the line, not knowing what’s coming your way? Do you have enough confidence to buy hay online?

Agriculture is one of few remaining industries that rely on integrity, honesty, trustworthiness. Very seldom is there a formal purchase agreement in writing. Virtually all transactions are by word of mouth.

With an industry that is littered with people that for some reason take advantage of the situation to defraud others, devaluing handshake contracts to the point of nonexistence.

An example from an AllHay user:

“Years ago I purchase some calves from a feedyard. They were being backgrounded in the southeast before shipment to Kansas. The winter went by, and when spring arrived, they were ready to head to the finish yard. The feedyard owner went down to take delivery, only to find out they had all disappeared. The person taking care of them had sold them through the local sale barns as he needed money. Lucky for me, the feedyard owner borrowed enough money to make all of us whole. If the purchase of those cattle had been put in an escrow account until delivery, this would not have happened.”

Another example from an AllHay user:

“I bought some steers from a cattle buyer to be delivered to the feedyard. He bought them through a sale barn and were on their way to the yard. There were enough that there were several customers of the feedyard that also purchased some. For some odd reason, I decided to pay the feedyard rather than the buyer. Fortunately, for me, because that buyer had mortgaged those cattle to two different banks. Neither bank knew the other held a lien. Because I had paid the feedyard, I didn’t lose my money. But if there had been an escrow account available, no one would have lost money.”

With sites like, we are comprised of buyers and sellers from locations all over the country, price and quality of the product can vary by location and seller. This can be a scary situation if your purchasing from someone whom you have never done business with before. But here at, our job is to protect our customers. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and we are in the process of launching our partnering escrow website.

By creating an escrow service site we take the risk out of your transaction, neither party is responsible for the credit situation of the other. They know the money is there before the transaction is made. By “proving” yourself as a buyer with our escrow service this also enables you to make quick purchase decisions with larger producers because the worry is gone. This is a buy/sell platform that will save you time, frustration, and MONEY in the long run. Don’t let this innovative program pass you by!

Your time is valuable, how much do you really want to manage? Let us take the worry off of your daily plate while you keep making killer business decisions.