Quality and Yield of Crops Reduced by Alfalfa Pests

Alfalfa pests are just that; pests. They cause quite a few problems when it comes to the quality and yield of crops. Farmers struggle to keep their alfalfa plants healthy each year and find themselves treating their plants in an effort to prevent an infestation of pests. Hay brokers can help farmers find the best hay for sale in an effort to avoid pests and other insects.

Weevil Control

Weevils are the most common and damaging pest that affects alfalfa plants on farms across the country. They can be controlled using carbamates, pyrethroids and organophosphates. Experts have worked diligently over the last handful of years to create softer chemistries for controlling weevil insects along with pinpoint application timing.

Alfalfa and Aphids

Aphids are another common insect that causes problems with alfalfa plants across the country, especially in California. An excellent way to fix this problem is to buy and sell hay that comes from a reputable seller. Four species of aphids wreak havoc on alfalfa and other plants across the country.

Cut Hay

Farmers have found that cutting hay early in the season can help with managing pests that destroy alfalfa. This is a better option than spraying for the insects and then waiting for the preharvest interval to occur. Try to avoid spraying insecticide as much as possible because the more you spray the same one, the more likely it is that the insects will become immune. Also, spraying early in the season means you will have to continue to spray throughout the season because you’ve killed off other insects that protect the plants.

An excellent way to deal with alfalfa pests such as weevils is to buy hay for sale from a reputable seller. AllHay.com is a company that buys and sells hay nationwide. Visit their website today to purchase or sell hay to other reputable hay brokers.

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