Message for 705

Dale I just got your new add (Timothy / Orchard mix grass 4×5 Hardcore Round bales, approx. 850-900 lbs ea. $35 ea. picked up in Brasher Falls NY areas from the fields. Large volume available. Horse quality and cow quality. Also offer large and small squares of Timothy / Orchard grass horse quality bales.) $35 each so why are you telling me $45 I dont like that I want to do business with a honest man I have bought out of NY before they charged me $10 a Bale trucking 42 Bales x $35 is $1470 for the hay trucking 42 Bales x $10 is $420 that is $1890 in my door yard I will make you the offer of $35 a Bale as advertised per your add and $15 a bale trucking $630 $1470 for 42 Bales of hay total of $2100 a load and I will buy 3 or 4 loads every year wyatt