Haylage Silage – TEXAS, Texas

Listed on: June 8, 2021

Hay Type: Silage

Hay Size:

Available: 300

Price: $70.00 /

Fertilized: No

Relative Feed Value:

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High-quality haylage made from red clover, sudangrass, and other mixed grasses. Excellent for either stand-alone feeding in a hay ring or a mixed base for a TMR mix ration. Our rations were mixed at two haylage bales (2400 lbs. each), mixed with one grass bale (about 1500 lbs.) Excellent mix for developing bulls and replacement heifers. Each silage-wrapped bale net-wrapped first at 60" then plastic-wrapped with Sunfilm silage wrap. Row 1 = 100 bales, Row 2 = 90bales, and row 3=100bales. Priced per ton @ $115/ ton of Dry Matter. Assume 50% moisture. Each 60" bale weighs about 2400 lbs (1.2 tons). 1.2 tons/bale * 50% moisture = .6 Tons *$115/ton or $70/bale.