500 Tons of Bags Alfalfa Cubes in Jordan, Minnesota

Listed on: May 30, 2020

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Hay Type: Alfalfa Cubes

Hay Size: Bags

Available: Unlimited Tons

Price: $500.00 / Ton

Fertilized: No

Relative Feed Value:

Cubeit Hay- Premium alfalfa hay cubes grown and produced in Idaho. Why choose Cubeit? *Reduced waste No more hay being stomped into the ground creating a mess in your pasture. *Consistent nutrient content Cubes are sold with a guaranteed minimum nutrient content 15% protein, 0.16% phosphorus, 1.25% crude fat, 1.3% calcium, 30% crude fiber. *Less dust Cubes have less dust than traditional hay making them a safe choice for horses with respiratory problems. *Reduced storage requirements Approximately 3, 50lb bags of cubes take up the same amount of space as a single average sized small square bale. This also benefits those that travel, taking up less space in your trailer. *Long-term storage The cubes hold their nutritional content and have specific moisture content allowing for consistent quality and longer storage than traditional baled hay. *No added dyes or chemicals No sodium bentonite added. The unique cubing process does not require a binder like other companies. *No Soaking Required Traditional hay cubes require soaking in water to prevent choking. This is no long necessary with Cubeit hay. The cubes are soft and palatable for all horses including seniors. *Forage first feeding Many studies have showed the negative effects of highly processed feeds. With the high-quality nutrition of Cubeit hay you can ditch the grain while still maintaining a healthy horse. Pricing *Single 50lb bag $12.50 *Pallet (40 bags) $500 *Totes ( 2,000lb) $445 Contact info. We are a dealer located in Jordan, MN Please call Amanda at 952-239-8635