2500 Bales of Small Square Bermuda Coastal in Barnesville, Georgia

Listed on: February 14, 2019

Hay Type: Bermuda Coastal

Hay Size: Small Square

Available: 2500 Bales

Price: $7.50 / Bale

Fertilized: Yes

Relative Feed Value:

Bermuda horse quality hay. 40-50 lbs. Minimum 10 bales Well fertilized and sprayed for weeds. Kept in barn since the day it was baled. Our hay is double roller conditioned at time of cutting to speed dried and increase quality. We also use a rotary rake to reduce moisture and trash in the windrow to further increase the quality. We also use an inoculant that is applied to the hay to reduce forage quality loss and helps in maintaining high quality feed and palatability that will also lead to improved animal performance. Loading Times: M-F 8-12, 1-4:30 / S-S 9am-10am

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