Learn About These Key Listing Factors When Searching For Hay For Sale In Kansas

Just about every farm, regardless of the size of the operation, has a use for hay. The sheer variety of types of hay, how it grows, how it’s cut, transported and stored are also issues for farms to consider. For these reasons and more, those looking for hay for sale in Kansas will need to do a bit of research before deciding on which listing to learn more about. That’s why AllHay.com is committed to providing customers with as much information about hay as possible. Those who visit our website in search of hay for sale in Kansas will learn plenty about the products for sale. Below, we will explore some of those key factors so prospective buyers will have the full picture before committing to a buy.

Hay type: This is arguably the most important piece of information. While hay is cut and dried grass, the real definition isn’t so cut-and-dry. Hay can be a legume like alfalfa or clover. It can also be grass like oat or Bermuda. Hay that has been cut and stored to dry will turn from the green we associated with a live plant to the more familiar brown and yellow colors. The reason why type of hay for sale in Kansas is so important is because some animals digest certain types better than others.

Bale size: Hay for sale in Kansas comes in a few shapes, including round and square bales. Proper storage of these bales is a crucial consideration, as moisture inside a bale can lead to mold. That mold can spread, destroying the bale and making the livestock eating it, for example, sick, Some sellers will even note that there was no rain during the curing process, which should boost buyer confidence. If you have limited storage capacity, be sure to consider the shape of the hay for sale in Kansas before your purchase. Not having enough dry cover to protect it during cold and wet months could spell disaster in the spring.

Price and Availability: As with any purchase, these are the make-or-break details. Some sellers with hay for sale in Kansas will have hundreds of small bales for sale; some will have upwards of 5,000 bales. While sellers would likely want to unload their entire amount to a single customer, the price per bale will help further explain the asking price and allow shoppers to compare cost to other listings.

AllHay.com gives both sellers and shoppers from across the country the opportunity to list their hay. From round coastal Bermuda hay in Florida to alfalfa in New Jersey and Sudan grass in Iowa, the place to find hay for sale in Kansas is AllHay.com.