Health Pandemic Hurts Sales of Hay Bales. Here’s how is Helping Farmers

No corner of the economy has been spared. The coronavirus has brought so many industries to a halt that the path forward appears almost impossible to find. Farmers are also finding themselves hard-hit and the U.S. government is doing what it can to help them out of a financial bind. Of course, farmers are a self-reliant bunch and will welcome aid that they can control themselves., which provides users a way to buy and sell hay bales online, has become a popular option in these austere times. The need for such services isn’t going away anytime soon, according to recent news reports.

Per NBC News, the federal government has set aside $36 billion to help the nation’s farms through this crisis. “Individual farmers who have suffered price declines of five percent or more due to market disruptions between mid-January and mid-April will get $16 billion of the money,” according to the article, which cites the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dairy and livestock farms have felt the pain; so too have the forage and crop farms that depend on their alfalfa hay and grass hay sales.

The current question, according to the article, is which crops will be covered and how much assistance farms will receive.’s namesake is among the items that are getting the most attention and letters to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture speak to unique pain. Per the article, “hay and straw sales are suffering due to racetrack closures.” We doubt this is what most people envision when they think of how hay bales are used. This just proves the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus and how outside assistance will be required to lift us all out of this crisis. is indeed one form of assistance. As an online marketplace, users with hay bales, alfalfa hay and grass hay for sale can connect with those in the market for these items and more. Beyond the aforementioned racetrack use, hay and forage is typically needed to feed farm animals throughout the winter. Freezing outdoor temperatures across vast swaths of the U.S. means grazing in fields is off-limits for months at a time. When a user logs into, they can both create a listing for their hay bales, alfalfa hay and grass hay or browse for forage near them. By connecting through the website and arranging a sale, a critical connection is made and two farms are able to continue operations. This form of self-sufficiency may prove to be the best as the federal government continues to figure out a path forward during our ongoing crisis.