Forecast for ‘Abnormally Dry’ Summer Spurs U.S. Farmers to Buy Hay Bales Online

The stretch of summer months can be a double-edged sword for farmers. Those selling produce will be able to reap the bounty provided by their land, with corn and watermelon being perennial favorites. Others who grow forage that helps farms feed livestock during the winter need the occasional rain storms to water their fields. Thus, summer 2020 forecasts that have called for “abnormally dry” conditions across the Western region of the U.S. are not being well-received. All Hay, which provides a place for members to buy and sell hay online, will once again prove itself to be a lifeline this fall. That’s when oat, mixed grass and alfalfa hay yields could end up being lower than expected and, as a result, prompt farmers to look online for excess.

Overall, information from the U.S. Drought Monitor calls for “moderate and severe drought conditions” across the western region of the U.S. Moreover, some regions could see their record high temperatures reached earlier in the season than ever before. “Although it may not be continuous, heat surges across the northern Plains, Midwest and Ohio Valley this summer will overrule any cooldowns,” according to a June 2020 report from CBS news affiliate WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C. The Central and southern Plains are expected to cook during the coming summer months, as well. They are facing “a more humid air mass fueled by the warm waters of the gulf, parts of southeastern Texas up to Dallas could experience more frequent severe weather.” Experienced farmers are no stranger to the whims of Mother Nature, but she doesn’t make their jobs any easier when droughts and/or hurricanes are going to ravage the heartland.

The ability to buy and sell hay in real-time, before demand skyrockets this fall and winter, is what makes a much-needed resource. It’s an opportunity to be proactive and to have every unexpected emergency covered during the colder months when growing is halted. Having 500 bales of hay in storage can help alleviate the stress of seeing a farm through the lean winter months. A current listing on advertises hay for sale at an affordable $4.00 per bale. This fertilized, mixed orchard grass hay is available in Caldwell, Ohio. Using as the medium for communication, sellers can post their listing and communicate with buyers. Those looking to acquire the hay can use direct communications to arrange a sale price and pick-up/delivery method. In Texas, where weather this summer could be marked by severe storms, another listing offering bales of hay for sale advertises the offerings as “great for cattle and horse quality hay.” This level of convenience is what keeps at the top of the list for countless farmers across the country.