Farmers Committed to Safer Sales During Upcoming Months of Pandemic

Hay Bale

As we enter the one-year mark of the COVID-19 virus, many businesses and industries have started to review how the pandemic has impacted them this past year and the best ways to push through the upcoming months’ trials. Across the country, hay farmers have felt firsthand the effects of social distancing orders, pasture conditions, and pest infestations, which have greatly slowed production and reduced overall hay sales during the 2020 year. In addition to these challenges, many Texan farmers have recently experienced a series of droughts and a delayed first cutting, pushing back future growth. While the US has seen recent improvements related to the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly the creation of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, hay farmers across the nation are now looking for new ways to increase sales during the remainder of the pandemic.

According to one report, there “remains no good estimate for East Texan hay stocks due to COVID-19 restrictions.” Since the beginning of the pandemic, east Texas hay farmers have faced unprecedented challenges ranging from late cuttings in June to unexpected rains from Hurricane Laura. Dr. Corriher-Olson, Agrilife extension forage specialist, remains confident that Texan hay farmers and pastures still have a few options if their current yields are not enough to bail. Within the report, Dr. Corriher-Olson recommends that producers can “graze it out or leave it standing.” However, if producers have already bailed and are looking for ways to sell their yield safely, many experts recommend researching online options.

Now more than ever, hay farmers are looking for new and effective ways to sell their hay while keeping exposure down. For farmers both within and outside of the state of Texas looking to arrange a purchase of hay bales, using a third-party site like can be an excellent option to increase sales in a safe and effective way. At Allhay, we recognize that today, buyers’ and sellers’ safety is paramount to the agricultural industry and work to ensure social distancing guidelines are met throughout each Allhay transaction. Our site hosts a wide variety of grass hay and hay bale listings and offers users different listing options to promote their product. Whether it be alfalfa, mixed hay, or timothy hay, gives farmers the ability to sell their hay bales while limiting unnecessary costs and exposure.