Farmers can Find Hay for Sale this Winter and Clear Hurdles Created by 2020 Hardships

The economic hardships of 2020 can seem never-ending. Few industries will emerge unscathed and unfortunately, farming and agriculture weren’t among them. The coronavirus pandemic alone did not impact growing, but it did put a dent in supply and demand. Weather conditions across the U.S. – including Texas, which we’ll explore further below – hasn’t always cooperated, either. Farms with hay for sale are no stranger to unpredictable droughts or deluges, but it proved to be a one-two punch when the current health pandemic is considered. There are still ways to effectively market your hay bales, but we’re going to need to work past Mother Nature’s curve balls first.

According to, hay producers in East and Central Texas “missed out on multiple cuttings due to weather conditions or lower yields due to pasture conditions or pest infestations.” While it may feel like a lifetime ago, one forage specialist quoted in the article says that cooler temperatures in May delayed the cutting of Bermuda grass. This had a trickle-down effect for farmers: Cuttings were pushed back and demand spiked, but there was little farms could do without meeting the required minimal growth. East and Central Texas then went through a dry period and the possibility of severe insect infestation spiked. The article goes on to say that there’s no accurate count on winter hay, which can include grass hay, stockpiles in the region. Those producing hay bales would be counting on weather conditions that encourage growth. Saving that, these farmers could either “graze it out or leave it standing” if “they miss rains and potential yields aren’t enough to warrant baling.”

There will be farmers in Texas and beyond who had a bit more luck than the scenario described above. These operations can turn to to sell their grass hay and hay bales. The hay for sale online represents a wide variety of listing sizes, types, locations and prices. It truly provides access to listings that can meet highly personalized needs. For example, those near Atoka, Oklahoma could consider a listing of 75 large round bales of hay for sale. The seller notes that there’s a price per bale and describes it as fertilized Bahia and Bermuda mix. This amount of hay could help farmers make ends meet throughout the winter. This listing in Oklahoma is just one example of what’s available to those who visit The ability for buyers and sellers to arrange a deal that meets the needs of both parties is one of the reasons for the platform’s success and we look forward to greener pastures in 2021.