What is an AllHay Escrow Account?

The AllHay Escrow account is powered by www.escrow.com. This service is offered to hay producers who choose to sell their hay with www.AllHay.com. This service matches verified buyers with hay producers like you. AllHay uses an escrow account to verify buyer funds before the seller ships or the buyer picks up the hay.

Why Should I Use an AllHay Escrow Account?

  1. Sell Your Hay Fast. AllHay listings are viewed by hundreds of buyers each month.
  2. Safely and securely receive payments from buyers. Only ship your hay AFTER AllHay has received funds for your hay.
  3. Get paid fast. After the buyer verifies the quality and quantity of hay was received AllHay releases the funds to you. This process only takes 24-48 hours after hay is received.

The AllHay Escrow account allows you to securely and safely access a wider online market for your hay production. Most listings on AllHay.com are sold in under two months. You can list your hay here.

How does it work?

  1. Seller Lists hay
  2. Buyer contacts seller and a price is agreed upon
  3. Buyer submits funds to AllHay’s Escrow Service
  4. AllHay notifies seller that funds have been received. Buyer and seller then arrange for shipping or hay pick up (this is determined between buyer and seller)
  5. Buyer confirms quantity and quality of hay received.
  6. AllHay releases funds to the seller. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Total Amount of Hay Sold Fee
$0-$5,000 5%
$5000.01-$25,000 4%
$25,000.01 + 3%

Listings are free (unless you choose to upgrade to a premium listing) and you only pay after you sell your hay and your funds are released. What if there is an issue with payment?

The AllHay Escrow account is setup so that sellers are in full control of their production. Don’t move hay until AllHay has verified funds are received from the buyer.