POMI Bale Wrapper

Location: Fort Macleod, Canada

Equipment Details

TYPE: Bale Wrapper


PRICE: 79999


This machine is the Pomi Wrap 12. It wraps your entire bale stack of 3×4 or 4×4 bales. It runs tough plastic along the bottom of the stack and then wraps everything with an adjustable amount of clinging plastic.
Bales are put into the machine with a loader attachment that carries 6 bales at a time and offsets them to create air vent channels through the stack.

Stack length is infinite. 4x4s are stacked 12 bales to a vertical file and 3x4s are stacked 18 to a file. No adjustment to the machine or loader attachment is necessary to switch between bale sizes.
The machine collapses into transport and sets up quickly.

The machine can be operated remotely by the loader operator but a second person is helpful for maximum productivity and for making the most professionally aesthetic stacks.
Likewise, the loader attachment is controlled by the same remote and requires only a reversible auxiliary hydraulic. The loader attachment folds into a transport position as well, and while in transport is able to pick up a basket designed to hold the rolls of plastic.

The package in total is:
Wrap 12 machine
Loader attachment
Plastic roll basket
Extra parts (pins, rolls, valve blocks, remotes, circuit boards, ect..)
Video of the machine operating are available upon request.
Contact Henk (403) 315-3969

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Listed on: March 10, 2023

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