The 3 Main Industries That Utilize Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is an important part of the farming and livestock industry. It is consumed by all sorts of farm animals as it helps them produce the product they are known for producing. Making a living in agriculture presents unique challenges. This means making money in agriculture requires unique solutions. Sourcing or selling Alfalfa is no different.

It can be difficult to find alfalfa hay in different areas of the country because of low production and high demand. But, there are three industries that use this hay exclusively; dairies, cattle feedyards, and the equine horse market.

Hay for Dairies

Dairies can be found all across the country. They are an important part of the food industry because they provide people with dairy products such as cheese, eggs, milk, ice cream and other items. Many dairies keep livestock on the premises, such as cows and chickens, in order to produce products in a fresh manner. These animals need to eat multiple times per day and the best food to feed them is alfalfa hay.

Hay for Horse Market

No matter where you see a horse, this exquisite animal is likely eating hay. Alfalfa hay is a popular type of hay that thousands of horses like to eat on a daily basis. It has been fed to horses for thousands of years because of its fiber, high protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Large Commercial Cattle Feedyards

Large commercial cattle feedyards are a common sight on farms across the United States. Cattle are raised to produce meat and milk. They need to eat hay on a regular basis in order to stay healthy and produce some of the best milk possible.

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